A blog for a giant robot scorpion 2D Run and Gun platformer. A 1990s 16-bit retro style computer game for PC is being made by Aranea Games. This blog shows the game development process. Our grame group of graphicians and programmers are studying at Taitotalo (former Amiedu) at Helsinki, Finland.

2020, March 21st   RoboScorp Trailer Posted by Aranea Games  

RoboScorp - Trailer 1 (MP4, 1:57, 38 MB):

  • Graphics & Graphic design & Trailer editing: Jukka Eronen
  • Graphics & Original game idea & Scorpion design & Unity work: Mikko Saviniemi
  • Graphics & Soldier Design: Markus Koskinen
  • Lead coder & Unity work: Joni Ellonen
  • Coder: Santeri Markkinen
  • Coder: Janne Mansikka-aho
  • Music: Avalkis

  • http://www.jukkaeronen.com/roboscorp/videos/RoboScorp_Trailer_1a.mp4

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    2020, March 16th   Theme Music Posted by Jukka Eronen  

    Theme music for RoboScorp – epic ambient/trance with symphonic elements:
  • Avalkis: The Fall (2020 Remix) (4:11, MP3)

  • This is a 2020 remix of my electronic medley from 1999: "The Fall / The River" that originally appeared in the album "Avalkis: Belief" (2000). This new rendition has a 1980s/1990s nostalgia mixed with a modern sound and feel, suitable for the retro and epic movie-like feel of the game.

    Link: more music from Avalkis.

    Music is copyright © 2020 Avalkis. All rights reserved.

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    2020, March 16th   Mockup Screenshot  

    Here's a collaborative visualization on how the game might look like. Mech scorpion design is by Mikko, energy bars and tiles are by Markus and and the firing little guys by Jukka.

    Tiles and poison water by Mikko:

    Textures by Markus:

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    2020, March 16th   More Scorpion Ideas  

    RoboScorp character sheet by Mikko:

    Sprite ideas by Markus:

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    2020, February 18th   Game Design Document

  • ROBOSCORP Game Design Document, version 1.0 [PDF]
  • (latest update: February 17th, 2020)

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    2020, February 18th   Menu Ideas Posted by Jukka Eronen/font>  

    Menu, title card and map development ideas.

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    2020, February 18th   Aranea Games -logo Posted by Jukka Eronen  

    Our team is called Aranea Games. It means a female spider in Latin. Here is a first logo.

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    2020, February 18th   Animation Test #2 Posted by Jukka Eronen  

    Little pixel enemy guy animation test.

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    2020, February 18th   Animation Test #1 Posted by Mikko Saviniemi  

    Animation test (13.2.2020).

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    2020, February 18th   First Sketches

    All us graphicians are working on the look of our main character – Robot Scorpion.

    Sketch by Mikko Saviniemi (10.2.2020) with the working title AraknoScorp.

    Sketch by Markus Koskinen (10.2.2020).

    Sketch by Jukka Eronen (10.2.2020).

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    2020, February 18th   Coding #1 Posted by Santeri Markkinen  

    Difficulty selection logic and gun selection code by Santeri Markkinen (11.2.2020).

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    2020, February 17th   About RoboScorp

    oboScorp is a 1990s style PC 2D platformer game for retro and arcade game enthusiasts. It is being made by Aranea Games. The project started in February 4th 2020. Trailer will be ready in April 21st 2020.

    This blog shows the game's development process and news about its releases. Our grame group of graphicians and programmers are studying at Taitotalo (former Amiedu) at Helsinki, Finland.


  • Genre: Run and Gun 2D Side-View Platformer in the style of 1990s computer and video games.

  • Setting: Sci-Fi post-apocalypse / futuristic / giant robots.

  • Style: Half-serious spiced with dark and dry humour.

  • Resolution: 400x224 (sharply scaled to your monitor, f.ex. 1920x1080).

  • Development Tools: Unity, C-Sharp, Photoshop etc.

  • Target Audience: 16–45 year-old retro and arcade game enthusiasts.

  • Timeline: Demo of Level 1 – Escape from the Catacombs finished by April 21st 2020.

  • Backstory and Objective: In the distant future corporations have taken over the world to form one giant mega structure called the Corporation. A small group of resistance movement has captured a corporate scorpion-robot and managed to take control its systems by reverse engineering it by connecting the robot's neural network to the brain of a mysterious man who goes by the name — 'The Driver'.

  • Level 1: The Driver with his stolen robot scorpion utilizes a secret escape route through catacombs that are infested with Corporation soldiers. The soldiers use this ancient subterranean fortress for one of their hide-out bases and weird ceremonies.

  • Main Character Personality and Traits: Fearless. After the Corporation killed his whole family, The Driver has nothing to loose. The Driver wears a giant exo-spider-robot with a number on its side.

  • Play Mechanics:
  • - The robot scorpion climbs up and down the walls.
    - The scorpion has a flame thrower and machine gun and a grenade launcher.
    - Hundreds of little corporate soldiers as enemies.
    - Flying enemies: robot hornets.
    - Giant Boss Fight at the end of each level

  • Music: ambient and 1980s / 1990s style electronic/trance/techno soundtrack.

  • Team:
    - Jukka Eronen (Project Leader, Graphics, Music)
    - Mikko Saviniemi (Graphics)
    - Markus Koskinen (Graphics)
    - Santeri Markkinen (Lead Coder)
    - Ellonen Joni (Coder)
    - Mansikka-aho Janne (Coder)

    There were many working titles for the game like Aranea, MechaScorpion Mayhem, Battle Scorp and here is a logo with the alternative title AraknoScorp.

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    2020, February 17th   Suomeksi lyhyesti (in Finnish)

    RoboScorp on Aranea Games:in tekemä 2D-jättiläisrobottiskorpioni-peli retropikseligrafiikalla moderneille PC:ille. Kyseessä on sivusta kuvattu tasohyppely-sidescroller, jossa päävastuksina toimivat Lemmings-armeijan kaltaiset pikkumiehet, jotka ampuvat pikselikonekivääritulta.

    Olemme Taitotalon (ent. Amiedu) vuosikurssi 2019 #4:n opiskelijoita: kolme peligraafikkoa ja kolme ohjelmoijaa.

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