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The music of "Soulweaver" is etheric, melodic, symphonic and experimental. The upcoming two "Soulweaver" soundtracks (coming in 2014) feature ambient, classical-influenced, dark, melodic and meditative soundscapes, experimental and medieval/celt-influenced songs.

Here is a short sample of the theme music from the film, "Anima Dea – Soulweaver Symphony" (1:17), just press play (or if you can't see the player, you'll need to download and install Quicktime). Alternatively, you can download the MP3 file.

Instruments heard in the soundtracks include piano, human voice, electronic sounds, classical and electric guitar, broken violin and kantele. There is f.ex. an improvised piece involving an out-of-tune piano of many decades.

Jukka Eronen has composed electronic and classical music since 1993. He combines both traditional and digital styles in creating his music. He has played the classical guitar since a 5-year old and also plays the piano. His music has been played on film festivals internationally and on YLE TV1 in the short fantasy film "Springbringer: Songs from the World of New Nature" (2008) and on YLE Radio 1. He has self-published over a dozen very limited edition CDs since 1998. Some of them can be purchased, ask via e-mail. Other contacts, comments and inquiries are very welcome as well.

The range of Eronen's musical genres include ambient (from symphonic to meditative and dark), classical, medieval, celt, ballad, electronic, new age, avantgarde, experimental, trance, hard trance, goa trance, industrial, hardcore and rave.