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Gammarauders (DC Comics/TSR, 1989)

Issue   Title
#1. Frantic First Issue!
#2. When Bioborgs Clash!
#3. Pun-Filled Third Issue! More Bioborgs Than You Can Shake a Stick At!
#4. Sassin, Slugnoids and Facts, Facts, Facts! (Courtesy of the Factoids!)
#5. The Rosebud Rumble, Part 1 of 4
#6. The Rosebud Rumble, Part 2 of 4
#7. The Rosebud Rumble, Part 3 of 4
#8. The Kirkward Derby - The Conclusion of "The Rosebud Rumble"
#9. Welcome to Congress! Jok Tadsworth... ...Look Alive!
#10. Final Issue!! Wanted Jok Tadsworth Dead or Alive!                               

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