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Latest updates:

2007-06-28   The page is opened.

2007-01-10   Planning the page is started.

I'm a big chess fan; especially of "real-life size" fantasy boards and pawns.
I've dedicated this page to cool game screenshots and pictures featuring chess themes.
Some non-computer related images are included too.

If you know or have more interesting pictures of chess games (also non-computer related), please e-mail me.

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame (Broberbund, 199?)

This PC screenshot is featured on top of this page.
It is from the final level where the prince confronts his own shadows and Jaffar.

Battle Chess (Interplay, 1988)

Here are different versions of Battle Chess, one of the most legendary computer chess games ever.

Commodore 64:

Apple II:

Apple Macintosh:

Nintendo Entertainment System:




Battle Chess 2: Chinese Chess (Interplay, 1989)


Battle Chess 4000 (Interplay, 1992)


Star Wars Chess (The Software Toolworks, 1994)


Archon: The Light and the Dark (Electronic Arts, 1983)

Commodore 64:



Nintendo Entertainment System:

Archon II: Adept (Electronic Arts, 1984)

Commodore 64:


Archon Ultra (SSI, 1994)


Ultima VII: The Black Gate (Origin, 1992)

Thanks to Howard for pointing out this real-life size chessboard to be found in Ultima VII.
It is located near the cemetery (at north-east from this picture).
I rotated the larger screenshot 45 degrees.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Electronic Arts, 2001)

This is Wizard's Chess from Harry Potter. The game screenshot is from GameBoy Advance. The movie scene is amazing.


"Synchronic Chess"

Here is my own art for a fictional chess game, "Shadow Chess", featuring characters from my fantasy comic book world.

And last as a bonus here are photos of Fantasy Adventures Museum's start of a real-life and size fantasy-themed
chessboard collection; white Queen and lions that serve as Knights have been acquired so far. They are 74 cm and 66 cm tall.

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