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Finnish Computer Games

List of Finnish computer game releases from the 1980s.
Only games that are in Finnish and made by Finnish are listed, not English ones.
Included in the list are disk/cassette variations.

If you know any alternative versions of Finnish games that aren't listed here, please mail me.
I also buy these so offer these games to me. I already have the ones that have links,
though some of them might also be missing items so offer anything.


Pelin nimi Versio Julkaisija Vuosi
Huppeli (PC, 3.5") Alko Oy / ?19??
Afrikan tähti (C64, 5.25")            AmerSoft198?
Afrikan tähti (?? C64, cassette ??)AmerSoft198?
Halleyn komeetta (C64, cassette) Amersoft1985
RahaRuhtinas (C64, 5.25")AmerSoft1984
RahaRuhtinas (C64, cassette)AmerSoft1984
Tsapp! (C64, cassette) Amersoft1985
Uuno Turhapuro muuttaa maalle   (C64, cassette)AmerSoft1986
Uuno Turhapuro muuttaa maalle (C64, 5.25")AmerSoft1986
Yleisurheilu (C64, cassette)AmerSoft198?
Yleisurheilu (Vic-20, cassette)AmerSoft198?
Nero 2000 (C64, cassette) Bio Syntax Method Oy198?
Nero 2000 (C64, 5.25") Bio Syntax Method Oy198?
Nero 2000 (PC, ?) Bio Syntax Method Oy198?
Liikennepeli (C64, ?) Radarsoft198?
Painterboy (C64, 5.25") Chart Top Design/Tikkurila1986
Painterboy (C64, cassette)Chart Top Design/Tikkurila1986
Aikaetsivä (C64, ?) Triosoft198?
Kultakuume (Spectrum, cassette) Triosoft1986
Talvisota (MSX, cassette)Triosoft198?
Tietomestari (Vic-20, cassette)Weilin+Göös, Ivan Berg Software198?
Tietomestari (?? Vic-20, 5.25" ??)Weilin+Göös, Ivan Berg Software198?

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