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Old Computer/Video Game Collection, Other

1. Adventure/RPG Games (Seikkailu-/RPG-pelit)
2. Other Games (Muut pelit)
3. Game Collection List as Text (Pelikokoelmalistaus tekstinä)


Click on a picture to see more details about the particular genre and bigger scans
( Sierra / LucasArts / Tolkien / AD&D / SSI-fantasy / Ultima / Indiana Jones / Dynamix /
   Electronic Arts / New World Computing / Videopac / Sega Master System / Suomi-pelit ).

LucasFilm/LucasArts, non-adventures LucasArts/LucasFilm, the rest (Amiga/PC):


Amiga, the rest:

PC, the rest:

Atari 2600:                   Atari/Amstrad:
Joust                               Spy vs Spy (cassette)

Commodore 64, the rest:
Spy vs Spy 2 (cassette)Spy vs Spy 3 (cassette)Spy vs Spy Trilogy (cassette)Spy vs Spy 3 (disk)Spy vs Spy Trilogy (disk)Bubble Bobble (HitSquad)Pinball Spectacular (Commodore)The Dallas Quest (DataSoft)Pirates! (MicroProse)Leather Goddesses of Phobos (Infocom)Reach for the Stars: The Conquest of the Galaxy (Second Edition) (SSG)

CD-i:                                  Intellivision:                         Laserdisc:
Wacky World of Miniature Golf                                   Tutankham                                          Dragon's Lair 2 -Laserdisc, 2nd pressing

Nintendo Entertainment System:

Sega Master System, the rest:
Les Schtroumpfs Autour Du Monde / The Smurfs Travel the World [ULTRA RARE]

Sega Mega Drive, the rest:

Sinclair ZX Spectrum:                                   Vic=20:


   Atari 2600:
   Parker Brothers 1983 Catalog

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