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Kolme muskettikoiraa

Kolme muskettikoiraa

(Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds) (Espanja/Japani, 1981-82)

"Piirrossarja kolmen muskettikoiran huimista seikkailusta.
Sarja mukailee vapaasti Alexandre Dumasin romaania."


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1. -Dogtanian's Journey
2. -Dogtanian and the Black Moustache
3. -Paris, City Of Dreams
4. -The Three Invincible Musketeers
5. -Dogtanian Meets Monsieur Trèville
6. -Dogtanian Meets His Match
7. -Dogtanian Meets the King
8. -Juliette's Secret
9. -Juliette Kidnapped
10. -The Great Getaway
11. -Dogtanian's Trets
12. -Dogtanian to the Rescue
13. -Dogtanian Meets Monsieur Pip
14. -In Search of Juliet
15. -Dogtanian Saves the Day
16. -Daggers and Diamonds
17. -The Journey to England
18. -The Chase
19. -Dogtanian is Put to the Test
20. -The Blue Falcon
21. -The Shipwreck
22. -The Jungle Adventure
23. -Marco's Mission
24. -The Impostor
25. -Milady's Revenge
26. -Dogtanian's Dreams Come True

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  • Kolme muskettikoiraa
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