Springbringer: Songs from the World of New Nature™

About the Comic Book
Springbringer 2-disc Special Edition includes the movie DVD and the soundtrack CDYou can order the DVD & CD -release via e-mail: jukka.eronen@mbnet.fi
The price is 18 EUR which includes postage in Europe. The price for America is 32 USD (includes postage).

*fictional language of New Nature

The film and the music, soundtrack, graphics, photos, pictures, logos, animations, poems, story, fictive characters and their names, fictive locations and their names,
Synchronic presentations™, Springbringer™, New Nature™, Kevääntuoja™, Uusi Luonto™, Cal˙aja™ and their logos and fonts
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If you're interested in publishing this movie or my music, please contact me by e-mail: jukka.eronen@mbnet.fi.

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