• Gold Rush! (1988) (Apple ][) (NIB) + Hint Book
  • Manhunter: New York (1988) (Amiga) (CIB) + Hint Book
  • Manhunter 2: San Fransisco (1989) (Amiga) (CIB)
  • Code-name: Iceman (1989) (Amiga) (CIB)
  • The Shadow Yserbius (& The Fate of Twinion) (1993) (PC, 3.5") (CIB)
  • Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist (Sierra Originals, Mini Slip Cover) (1993) (PC, CD) (CIB) + Hint Book

  • ITEMS:
  • Gold Rush! Promotional Poster Signed by Ken & Dough MacNeill
  • A New Map of the Gold Regions of California Poster (included with Gold Rush!)

  • California Gold Rush! - Collector's Edition, Wooden Box (Software Farm) (1998)
        (PC, 3.5") (SW) (Includes map)

    Note: this is non-Sierra 10th anniversary release of Gold Rush!
    Ken Williams approved it to be published by Software Farm.
    Collector's Edition box was hand-made and number of copies produced about 250.
    Included map is a bit different and the game playability was improved slightly too.

  • Gold Rush! -sprite screenshot