W elcome to Fantasy Adventures - The Adventure/RPG Computer Game Museum of Finland! I have been collecting old and classic games since autumn 2001 and that is around when the first website appeared too as part of the Synchronic Web Museum. In 2011 I started to remake the old Fantasy Adventures site and finally released this renewed version 2.0 in spring 2015.

The Museum’s and site’s focus has always been on adventure and role-playing games from the “golden age of gaming” from 1980s to around mid-90s. I’m an artist myself so I’m especially interested in game box art, prototype boxes, game development sketches and artwork, manual illustrations, pixel art, unreleased games, alternative box releases, posters, maps, etc. I have also done a lot of research and have archived pictures and information about classic and rare games and their different releases for 15 years.

The collection and collecting emphasizes especially on these publishers/themes:
  • Sierra On-Line / On-Line Systems
  • LucasArts / LucasFilm Games
  • Origin Systems Inc. (Ultima role-playing games and other RPGs/adventures)
  • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Strategic Simulations Inc. (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy themed games)
  • Electronic Arts (Bard's Tale)
  • Finnish computer games from the 1980s
  • NES (Nintendo 8-bit) rental video games released in Finland (by Yapon)
  • Sega Master System (f.ex. adventures and RPGs)

  • My computer game museum collection My Sierra games My LucasFilm/LucasArts games My Ultima-games My Tolkien computer games My SSI games My Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games My Finnish computer games from the 1980s

    The collecting is for the sake of packaging and included items (like maps, manuals, trinkets etc.) so all systems/platforms are suitable: Amiga, Amstrad, Apple ][, Aquarius, Atari, CD-i, Colecovision, Commodore 64, FM-Towns, Intellivision, Mac, MSX, Nintendo, PC, Sega, Vic=20, Videopac, ZX Spectrum...

    If you're visiting for the first time, there is a blog presenting various nostalgic computer game and video game topics, and discussing items from the collections from time to time. For practicality, the Finnish blog is more active than the English one (if interested, you may request English translations on given topics). Here you can view the collections owned by the Museum with lots of scans of well-known classics, uncommon and even some obscure game releases, plus merchandise such as posters and hint books. Here are game room photos. The art gallery -section features various topics from game development artwork to lists of the (often forgotten) artists themselves. Retro-section features fan stuff such as game pixel art. Here is music inspired by the classics. Here is the wanted list of games missing from the Museum. Here are games for trade. The Museum is naturally happy to receive donations too (you can offer via e-mail) – you will be credited as a Contributor. If you get lost or want to find a particular page, site map lists everything and helps you on your way browsing.

    The Fantasy Adventures Museum Finland and this site are meant for archiving, preserving the physical packaging art and digital media – and to share and remember these classics. Some of the pictures of certain items and artwork at this site are not seen elsewhere on the web. Personal computer games are only about three and a half centuries old an art form but already some early games are either extremely hard to find or completely lost. For example finding certain early 1980s obscure computer game or video game titles and their production material can already be considered archeology. Now is the time for finding and preserving these classics, if ever.

    Collection Photos of the Game Museum Prototype computer game box cover art Old game box cover artists Cool chess computer game screenshots Retro Game Shop (wanted/for sale/trade Games for Trade Links to Other Game Collecting Sites, Museums and Guides

    Special thanks to everyone from whom games have been acquired and to those who have contributed games or material for the Museum and website over the years, and thanks to other collectors and game websites for inspiration and information. Copyrights of the art, box covers, logos etc. displayed here belong to their respectful owners (see the disclaimer at bottom of the page).

    Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy your stay here!

    Jukka Eronen
        - Jukka Eronen, March 2nd, 2015 in Finland

    Ilmainen www-laskuri visitors (since 2005-05-19)

    Tervetuloa Fantasiaseikkailut 2.0 tietokonepelimuseon sivustolle!
    Tämä on klassisten seikkailupelien ja roolipelien tietokone- ja videopelikokoelma Suomessa. Kerääminen alkoi vuonna 2001 ja samoihin aikoihin sivuston ensimmäinen versio julkaistiin osana Synchronic Web Museon keräilysivustoja.

    Kokoelmien pääpaino on kulta-ajan (noin 1979-1995) julkaisuissa ja näiden yhtiöiden/aihepiirien tuotoksissa:
  • Sierra On-Line / On-Line Systems
  • LucasArts / LucasFilm Games
  • Origin Systems Inc. (Ultima)
  • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Strategic Simulations Inc. (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ja muut fantasiapelit)
  • Suomalaiset tietokonepelit 1980-luvulta (AmerSoft ja muut)
  • NES vuokrapelit (Nintendo Entertainment System)
  • Sega Master System

  • Kokoelmista löytyy monia yksittäisiä tietokonepelejä muiltakin valmistajilta sekä videopelejä monille eri laitteille. Ostamme kokoelmista puuttuvia pelejä. Vaihtokin on mahdollinen. Otamme myös vastaan mielellämme lahjoituksia (voit tarjota sähköpostitse), jolloin pääset sivuston kiitos-listaan.

    Sivustolta löytyy myös suomenkielinen blogi.

    Ideana on kerätä ja jakaa tietoutta ja kuvia vanhoista ja osin hyvin harvinaisistakin peleistä, niiden kansitaiteesta ja muista kuvituksista sekä niihin liittyvistä esineistä. Etenkin joidenkin varhaisimpien 1980-luvun alun julkaisuiden löytämistä voi verrata jo jokseenkin arkeologiaan. Siitä huolimatta, että tietokonepelit ovat vasta reilut kolme ja puoli vuosikymmentä vanha taidemuoto. Esim. tunnetuilta julkaisijoiltakaan kuten Sierralta (joka aloitti nimellä On-Line Systems) ei kaikkia alkupään julkaisuja ole vielä saatu digitoitua (esim. Trap Shoot, Skeet Shoot, Bop-A-Bet) ja arkistoitua eikä edes kaikkia kansikuvia löydetty nykypäivänä. Sama koskee esim. joitakin varhaisia suomalaisia tietokonepelejä.

    Blogi on suomeksi, mutta muu sivusto on englanninkielinen. Kiitos vierailustasi ja hyviä hetkiä nostalgisten seikkailujen ja pelitaiteen maailmassa!

    Finally here! An extensive article about 8-bit Nintendo rental video game releases in Finland at blog (in English here). Hope you enjoy!

    Some interesting updates to the first Turtles game post at blog (in Finnish).

    You may request English translations to blog topics (that are in Finnish). I can translate certain posts upon request.

    The blog will be updated mainly in Finnish from now on, for more posts and activity. I have realized the blog will be more active this way because it's still faster to write in my native language (and I have content from my other VHS blog that suites here).

    And for you English-speakers – Google-translate may help :). Though there will be occasionally posts in the English blog too for "bigger" topics.

    3 updates to the Blog and 12 new medieval songs (MP3) uploaded at Music-page!

    Quest of Thrones (Sierra AGI game) has surfaced – check out the blog for more info!
    April 1st

    Fantasy Adventures 2.0 – the completely renewed website is finally released and opened! The new address is www.jukkaeronen.com/web/fantasya.
    It is the 15th anniversary year of Fantasy Adventures Museum and website (part of the Synchronic Web Museum -sites).

    Received a Finnish rarity Talvisota MSX (1987) for the collections. An obscure WWII strategy game of the northern Winter War in 1939–40 about Finland's defence against the Soviet invasion.

    Work on this website's 2.0 version continues.

    Work on this website's 2.0 version continues (started in 2011).

    Found something peculiar from the depths of a deserted cave today, click here to see!.

    Been a long while since last update! A few new scans: Ultimas and Mystery House.

    Cool chess game pictures -page added.

    Many new covers and an update on prototype box art page.

    Collection photos added.

    Ultima VIII: The Lost Vale added to the prototype box arts.

    Finally got the rare AD&D Neverwinter Nights SSI gold box for the museum :).

    Link-page added.

    Fantasy Adventures opens.

    Starting to make 'Fantasy Adventures' a seperate page from Synchronic Web collecting pages.

    Synchronic Web collecting pages are opened.