• Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail (1989) (Amiga) (CIB) + Hint Book
  • Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood (1991) (PC, 5.25") (CIB) + Hint Book (^ad is missing)


  • Conquests of Camelot promotional poster signed by Christy Marx
  • Liber ex Doctrina manual (with Conquests of Camelot)
  • 800 AD Europe & The Middle East map (with Conquests of Camelot)
  • Conquests of Camelot Hint Book (Adventure Window)
  • Conquests of the Longbow manual (with the game)
  • Conquests of the Longbow Hint Book (Adventure Window) (NIB)


    There's my own inspired take / tribute to the Conquests of Camelot and its theme (original by Mark Seibert).
    The main theme is from the Opening Sequence, but many elements are my own takes and arrangments, like the B-part.
    I call it "March of the Seasons (Inspired by Conquests of Camelot™ Opening Sequence by Mark Seibert)" (from my album Fallbringer).

    Go to the Music-page to listen.

    Conquests of Camelot -screenshot