Shelf #2 with Ultima, Tolkien, Sierra, SSI,
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, LucasArts, misc.


Ultimas, Finnish version of Videopac 42: Quest for the Rings and misc.

Japanese Ultima games and comics, and European Ultima IV.

Sierra collections.

Intellivision AD&Ds and Tutankhamon, and European gray box SSI AD&D games.

Tolkien games.

Hobbit black box cassette releases (Amstrad CPC, BBC, C64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, MSX, Oric-1).

Sega Master System games including Smurfs 2. Amiga 500 on front.

More closeups. F.ex. Indy 3 VGA Paradise envelope release and The Legend of Kyrandia.

Vic=20, CD-i, Sega Master System, Videopac etc.

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