Retro games come to life

King Graham from King's Quest in Lego-3D.

– Thanks for the 3D-illustrations and inspiration to CJ Dugan (figurine pictures) and Tyson Y. Cote (3D Lego illustrations)!

Super Mario Bros.

Pixels come to life. My "two-and-half-dimensional" Lego-Mario and cloud man.

Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble comes to life

"The best of both worlds."

Bubble Bobble C64 (HitSquad) Bubble Bobble is one of my all-time favorite arcade type of games. It was first released in the arcades in 1986 by Taito in Japan and later ported to many home computers and video game consoles. It's a very innovative game and a unique concept. The main idea is to blow bubbles to trap enemies inside them and then pop them out. You also have to master the art of hopping on bubbles as you require that ability when the game progresses. The bubbles feel so physical, real. Just blowing the screen full of bubbles is such fun. The music is legendary, though it can drive you mad with its infinite loop.

The concept is nice too because for a rare welcomed change in the two player mode you do teamwork instead of fighting each other. I first played this on a Commodore 64 in the 1980s. I later played it on my IBM PS/1 in the 90s and on Amiga 500 and Nintendo 8-bit in the 2000s. I have yet to try f.ex. the Sega Master System version that has been complimented as I recall.

Here's a comparison of the sprite of Bub between different platforms. Amstrad, Apple ][ and Spectrum Bubs are quite epic. C64 has a lot of character.

Bubble Bobble platform comparison

Bubble Bobble -animation