Meanwhile in an alternate 1980s gaming universe: what if George R.R. Martin wrote A Song of Ice and Fire, say, 15 years earlier and the TV show Game of Thrones was made in the 1980s? There would've likely been the 8-bit computer game adaptation made by a reputable game company of its era...

Introducing Quest of Thrones – a Sierra 3D animated adventure/role-playing from "1986"! Using the AGI engine in glorious 16 colors (160x200 resolution).

Perhaps translated to Amiga, Apple ][, Atari ST, Macintosh and other machines of the era, here is the IBM PC version.

Direct YouTube-link:

Here's a short sample of the theme music on PC beeper from the title screen as MP3.

Title screen.

Map showing currently available travelling destinations.

Daenerys with Dragon in AGI

Daenerys with a baby dragon. (16 colors, 160x200.)

CGA version (4 colors).

Daenerys and Ser Jorrah arrive at the gates of Qarth.

Here's the blurb from a catalog:

"This multiple disk adventure takes you to the lands of Westeros and Essos where great royal houses war for control of Westeros. Also a great threat is unleashing beyond the enormous ice wall in the north. A colorful coth map helps you negotiate the places, cities and continents as they evolve around the story unfolding.

Select from these seven characters who you want to play as:
• Daenerys Stormborn • Tyrion Lannister • John Snow
• Arya Stark • Little Finger • Davos Seaworth • Hodor

Choose your loyalness to one or more of these houses:
• Stark • Lannister • Baratheon • Targaryen • Greyjoy

Welcome to the realm of Westeros and Essos. Only in this arena can you –
• Travel to places faraway by land or sea
• Serve your watch at the Wall
• Learn the art of sword fighting from the Master of Braavos
• Gather your forces and orchestrate great battles
• Find out whether dragons are alive at this age

The outcome of the quest for the throne is up to you!"

Gray flip box.


Cloth map of Westeros and Essos.

IBM PS/1 in the works with Quest of Thrones.
(PS. Can you spot the Coin of Braavos?)

3.5" DD (720K) disks.

Coin of Braavos.

Ad blurb from a catalog (with an early discarded black box style).

PS. This was originally posted as a silly (time-warping mind-bending?) April Fools joke for 2015. :P

PPS. I was inspired to do this when I saw this beautiful AGI picture by Lambonius (check the 6th post) made
from The Lord of The Rings. Very soon it dawned on me that Game of Thrones deserved a similar treatment.

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