I am Jukka Eronen (“Avalkis”) living in the south of Finland. I’ve always created art, movies and music since a little kid. I’ve played the acoustic guitar since a 6-year old.

I’m a huge fan of sketch art and pencil illustrations. This blog presents atmospheric, ethereal and also funny comic strips, graphic novels, sketch art, illustrations, fine art and animation by me over the years. I will also share my music as MP3, music videos, and photographic stills and videos from my movies.

The themes vary from feminine beauty (naked women) and erotic to fantasy, Science-Fiction, nature and post-apocalyptic visions of ruins. The style is as open as the blank canvas itself  there are f.ex. works of surrealism, cubism, naïvism, abstract and psychedelic art.

Beautiful, poetic, amazing and sometimes weird and even scary visions flow from the stream of time, space and subconscious.

Animals, fictional creatures and mythological beings are also my favorite subject. I find them in clouds, puddles, tree branches, leaves, stumps… in the fractals of nature and other random visual formations.

I love the psyche. I chose the title Apokryfia for my sketch books because it refers to hidden or forbidden scriptures. Like dreams have hidden meanings, so does art. Some beings, people, happenings, symbols and visions in them are easier to interpret than others, and some can be impossible to ever determine what they represent. I’m also interested in history and mythologies and the title has a nicely historical sounding clang.

Some of the art and illustrations here have personal meanings and some are universal. I open more about the “hidden” meanings upon blog posts and also if interested I can open them more when you ask me about them. Feel free to ask and speak! 🙂

Most of my drawings, comics, illustrations and photographic art also music are a part of these fictional worlds:

All the art shown at this site can be produced to A5 or A4-sized prints (usually black & white or sepia) and signed by the artist, that is me (A3 and larger upon request). You can also buy original drawings and graphic work. Order your favorite pieces.


Since 2009 I’ve drawn to a sketch books series where I’ve given myself a total freedom of creation. Imagination and the pencil can fly. I’ve named these books Apokryfia. These are the first 10 books (3.4.2009 – 26.12.2011) and I’m currently (September 2016) on the 13th book. There are over 1500 pages of sketches and illustrations. The books are named by the Greek alphabet from Alpha to Omega. The vignette symbols make some kind of reference in the contents of each book. These books are where the idea for this art blog and website came from. I of course draw on other sketch books too and make individual drawings, animation and comic strips.

Sketch art is one of my favorite art forms. From drawings you can see how the artist’s thoughts have developed from the spinal cord. It is also present what has perhaps changed or been discarded during the process in comparison to the “final” work. Sketch art is often the most authentic, instant and lively way of expression that I especially cherish with beautifully natural and relaxed curves. Perhaps the roundness reminds me of women that I highly regard and love.

Also the roundness and smooth curves of Carl Barks’ duck comic book art has made a lasting impression on me since a child.

Life is imperfect and art shouldn’t always be about pursuing perfection. Imperfection makes art unique and sympathetic. F.ex. digital transmissions glitches and errors have also inspired me.

My favorite color schemes are black and white, sepia, blue, red and gold.

You can read the blog either chronologically from the front page or by themes through the gallery. If you want to see my old site, the 2010 portfolio website is still stored here (in Finnish).

Me and my friends have a habit of showing our sketch books, drawings and works to each other. Now I wanted to share them with you too, dear reader. I hope you enjoy this journey the world of art and hopefully you’ll have as much fun as I had drawing, composing and making these works!

signature_jukkaeronenJukka Eronen – September 24th, 2016

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Original art and full albums as CDs and MP3s can also be purchased. More info coming on shop and you can also ask more via contact or e-mail. You can see the album covers with song lists here.