Thanks Worldcon 75 visitors! (Soulweaver)

JE Worldcon 75 - ArtturiSalmela
Photo: Artturi Salmela.

Many thanks to all of you viewers at the premiere of Soulweaver: Requiem for Earth (2017) and visitors in my Soulweaver exhibition booth at Worldcon 75! It was a blast. Special warm thanks for the heartful comments and questions at the premiere and at the exhibition. I appreciate it a lot and it makes me feel the 8 years spent in the project was something worthwhile and makes me want to continue making art and music.

Youtuber Evil GM interviewed me (Jukka Eronen) at Worldcon:

Visit this blog on news about other film festival presentations of Soulweaver to come, and wait for the upcoming DVD and Soundtrack CD.