Music: Avalkis – The Arrival (Piano Improvisation, 2011)

ed_seiler_piano_1955An improvised piece from 2011 on my grandparents’ Ed. Seiler piano from 1952. The piano has never been toned since September 30th 1955.

This piece, “Luona” in Finnish, is from the upcoming Soulweaver: Requiem for Earth film’s Soundtrack.


Music: Avalkis – A Love’s First Kiss (2010 Symphonic Ambient Mix)

A 2010 symphonic ambient remix of A Love’s First Kiss from Disney‘s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) soundtrack.

This is a non-commercial unofficial mix. Original song composed by Paul J. Smith and Leigh Harline, based on Frank Churchill‘s One Song.
No copyright infringement intended. Original music and composing belong to the copyright-holder(s).

Music: Soulweaver Symphony by Avalkis (2013–2016)

cd_soulweaver-soundtrackHere’s the classical and symphonic orchestral main theme music from the upcoming post-apocalyptic film Soulweaver: Requiem for Earth.

  • Jukka Eronen: Anima Dea – Soulweaver Symphony (2013) [download or play the mp3, if the player above doesn’t show up] (3:31)

And here is a new 2016 Dark Ambient Rendition:

There will be over two hours of classical symphonic, ambient, dark ambient, electronic, trance and experimental music for the two Soulweaver: Requiem for Earth Soundtracks. They will be available on CD and as downloadable MP3.