Music Video: Avalkis – Scorpion (2017)

A post-apocalyptic ballad music video about end of the world. Footage from the poetic Sci-Fi film Soulweaver: Requiem for Earth (2017). I wish it will enlighten you. Read the lyrics here.

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About Soulweaver film and world of art:

Music teaser: Grand Prix Circuit (Trance Remix) by Avalkis

For celebrating the soon starting Formula 1 season 2017, here is a sneak preview teaser from my upcoming trance / 80s & 90s style remix of Kris Hatlelid‘s awesome music soundtrack from the 1987 computer game classic Grand Prix Circuit by Accolade.

The final piece will have f.ex. 1980s style lyrics :). Stay tuned!

Music: Avalkis – Tree of Love (2016)

cd_avalkis-tree_of_loveThis is an interesting song in that it utilizes my whole vocal range – from bass to highest note.

Sometimes it can take a long time from a melody and a sketch of a song to a finished version. This is the song that started a new age in my composing in 2011. I had written ballads before but with this song I started to make (without knowing it at the time) a full album of romantic vocal ballads. I hope to release the full album next year, 2017.

The album Tree of Love – and Other Ballads from the Darkened Sun and this song have been many years in the making. I am glad to share this with You, finally. Hope you enjoy.

Personally my favorite part is “the last dance” with the piano at the very end of the song. It feels like “after all said and done”… And it is meant to sound “clumsy”. And honest. And real.

Heartfully warm special thanks to Joonas, Hanne, Matti, Liis, Kriku, Sini (and little boys), to my loving parents and to all others who have supported my music this year and in the past years – it has given me strength and inspiration to work day and night on this and other upcoming albums! Also thanks to Liis for suggesting the harmony multi-vocals :).

Update 23rd December 2016: As a Christmas bonus here is the original acoustic 2011 live recording of “Tree of Love” – Merry Christmas!

  • The wintery scene of trees on the single/album CD cover is from the upcoming post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi film Soulweaver: Requiem for Earth.
  • This is an island in Tammisaari. There is a beautiful V-shaped old tree in the center. It is the same island I talked about in the recent music post Summer Island. A few years ago I decided to swim there in the summer. I like extreme sports but the distance was longer than I had estimated. With the energy I had left in me I made it to the rocky shore of the island and had an experience of “an evolutionary flashback” I felt how a fish came to the solid ground for the first time ever and its fins growing to legs. Read the whole story here

Here are the lyrics:

AVALKIS: Tree of Love (or: May I Have This Last Dance with You?)         Song and lyrics © 2011–16 Jukka Eronen
1. I, I chose the light, over the dark
In my mind I realize
it is not you, it is not me
It’s everything between
In this life… life, life life
I’ve seen so many, many times…
You slip away
2. You, you made me cry
What I tried to hide,
wasn’t my tears
We, we plant a tree,
there inside it’s free
to show your thoughts
In this life… life, life life
I’ve had so many, many times…
You slip away
3. Please, let me embrace the tree
for it gives me life to go on
Once, the seed was sown,
yet never known,
how long must it take
To have you here, in my arms
And never letting go
after the tides that kept us apart
You’ll see, when we rise from the sea
it’s the tree of love
it will grow eternally
Daa-da-da-daa, daa-da-da-daa…
4. In this world of tomorrow
I have to let go of all the sorrow
Please follow me in the night…
night, night night
Where the only light is in your eyes
You’ll see, when we rise from the sea
It’s the tree of love,
it will grow eternally
Daa-da-da-daa, daa-da-da-daa…

If I were to die,
I’ll remember you
and have you in my heart – in my heart – in my heart – I will have you… have you… I have you…

Until we meet again


“- May I have this last dance with you?
– Can I take you to the dance floor?
– You’re beautiful this evening. Would you like to make love with me?”

kieli_suomiLyriikat suomeksi:

AVALKIS: Rakkauden puu – Saanko kanssasi viimeisen tanssin?       Laulu, sävel ja lyriikat © 2011, 2016– 2017 Jukka Eronen
1. Näin, näin valon ja pimeän
   mielessäin, mä ymmärrän   Valon valitsen, se kenties vie
   meidät lähemmäs toisiamme   Kunnes taas… taas, taas, taas
   Sen kaiken jälleen, joudun kokemaan…
   Pois luotain karkasit 2. Vain, vain sinä vain, sait mut itkemään
   ei kukaan kyyneliään, voi kätkeä   Me istutamme puun
   ja varjoissa kuun
   voimme vain odottaa

   Joudun taas… taas, taas, taas
   Sen kaiken jälleen, jälleen kokemaan…
   Pois luotain karkasit

3. Anna, anna mun syleillä
   puuta ikuista, se mua lohduttaa

   Kerran, siemen alkoi itää
   mutta en voinut tietää
   turhaanko odotan

   Sua vielä kerran, syliini
   En koskaan päästäis’,
   luotain pois, milloinkaan

   Näetkö sen, jälkeen vuorovesien
   puun rakkauden
   joka vain kasvaa ainiaan

   Daa-da-da-daa, daa-da-da-daa…

4. Tässä maailmassa huomisessa
   Täytyy mun päästää kaikesta surusta

   Seuraathan mua, pimeimmäs’ yös’
   yös’, yös’, yös’

   Jossa ainoa, valo silmissäis’ on

   Näetkö sen, jälkeen vuorovesien
   puun rakkauden
   joka vain kasvaa ainiaan

   Daa-da-da-daa, daa-da-da-daa…

Jos mä kuolisin, kaiken jättäisin
mut sua en milloinkaan – en milloinkaan – en milloinkaan
En sua jättäisi kokonaan, kätken sut… kätken sut sydämeeni…

Kunnes tapaamme taas


Music: Avalkis – The Lynx at My Home (2016)

cd_avalkis-the_lynxHere’s my newest song – an electric guitar ballad: “The Lynx at My Home” (2016).

This song is dedicated to my cat and all the cats I have loved in my life.

The track will be in the upcoming album Tree of Love – and Other Ballads from the Darkened Sun. Featuring f.ex. acoustic/electric guitar and piano ballads, celt and medieval inspired songs.

PS. Points and glory to the person who gathers what the beginning and end of the song “means” (the ambient sound waves from 0:00-0:36 and 7:43–8:00)… Hint: listen to the lyrics… You can write a comment on your thoughts. (I’ll reveal my intentions later.)

Answer:  The ambient soundscape in the beginning and in the end refers to the 2nd verse about sinking to the bottom of the sea… That’s how I imagine it to sound like. It also represents the inner world of cat – that we can only dream about of ever understanding (no more than ourselves)…

Of course the whole song itself also tells about life, women and broken relationships.

EDIT February 25th, 2017: Song version updated – some tuning issues were fixed.

Here are the lyrics:

AVALKIS: The Lynx at My Home                                         Song and lyrics © 2016 Jukka Eronen
0. I drink away, sorrows of yesteryear
   Show me the way, to life again
   Like a rose we blossom, still my friend, it’s time to let go, and leave our home…
1. I know… how much it hurts, to be left, outside in the dirt
   Follow your dreams, whatever they are
   Please, do not let them, tear you apart…
   My love, my darling, can’t you see…
2. If I see you fall in the waves, I’ll dive in, and sink with you
   to the bottom, of the sea, we’ll be happy there, eternally…
3. When the silence, hits over me
   They’re the waves, of eternity
   Please remember us, in your silent keep
   And not the words, of violent dreams
   I do not, want them to, haunt us no more…
4. I do not believe in them… anymore
   Can you restore me, the way I was before
   For the mirror, breaks it all
   The sharp fractions tear my soul…
A new world, we shall build
it’s not too late
We will build, a better world
Starting today, to end all days
There’s a lynx at the end of the corridor, it stands and stares at my soul
The world is vast and at your arms
You… killed me, now I’m born again
        ” I do not believe in violent dreams anymore
Can you restore me, the way I was before
        A new world, we shall build
it’s not too late
        We will build, a better world
Starting today, to end all days “
6. Lying next to me, I must check,
   whether you still breath, then I fall asleep
   and finally, the lynx walks in,
   I’ll let her stay at home, with me… forever…

kieli_suomiLyriikat suomeksi:

AVALKIS: Ilves kotonani                                         Laulu, sävel ja lyriikat © 2016 Jukka Eronen
 Juon mä pois, surut vuoden, eilisen
Näytä mulle tie, takaisin elämään
Kuin ruusu, kukkaan puhkeamme, on aika päästää sut lähtemään…
1. Tiedän… kuinka paljon se sattuu, kun yksin pimeään sä jäät
   Unelmiisi kurota, mitä tahansa ne ovatkaan
   Älä anna niiden sua rikkoa…
    Oi rakkain, oi armain, etkö nää…
2. Kun sut näen aaltoihin uppoavan, mukaasi mä, sinne sukellan,
   pohjaan meren syvään syleilyyn, oomme onnelliset siel’, aina vain…
3. Kun on tyyni, se iskee yllemme
   iäisyyden aallot, ovat ne
   Muistathan meitä, hiljaisuuden linnassas’
   Etkä unia, haavoittavia…
   En enää, tahdo niiden, satuttavan…
4. En enää usko, niihin laisinkaan
   Voitko parantaa, minut kokonaan
   Sillä peili, särkee kaiken sen
   Säröt terävät, sieluuni repeytyen…
   Maailman uuden, me rakennamme taas
   Se myöhäistä ei oo
   Rakennamme, maailman paremman
   Tästä päivästä, lähtien
   On siellä ilves käytävän päässä, se nousee ja katsoo sieluuni
   On maailma avara, ja kätes ulottuvilla
   Tapoit minut, synnyin uudestaan
        ” En enää usko uniin haavoittaviin
Voitko parantaa, minut kokonaan
        Uuden maailman rakennamme
Se ei ole liian myöhäistä
        Rakennamme, maailman paremman
Tästä päivästä alkaen, ja kaikkina tulevina päivinä “
6. Olet sylissäin, täytyy mun tarkistaa, vieläkö hengität
    sit’ nukahdan, ja unohdan,
   ilves kävelee, sisään ja nukahtaa, vierellein… ainiaan…

Music: Avalkis – Scorpion (2016)

single_avalkis-scorpionHere’s my newest song – a guitar ballad, called “Scorpion” (2016). Hope you like it!

This is the first released song with my new artist name Avalkis. The track will be in the upcoming album Tree of Love – and Other Ballads from the Darkened Sun. Featuring f.ex. acoustic/electric guitar and piano ballads, celt and medieval inspired songs.

Thanks to Matti, Hanne and Onni for our recent live band sessions and jammings that inspired me to finish this song faster than I would have otherwise! (There might be a rock version with our band at some point when we have time with our busy schedules.)

UPDATE: Due to request from my good friend and artist Joonas here is the whole “Scorpion” song with the ambient intro that originally belonged with it :).

Here are the lyrics:

AVALKIS: Scorpion – a Sting of Hope                                          Song and lyrics © 2016 Jukka Eronen
1. If I find you, will you be my true…
   in this life, or the next
  Will you be my, guiding angel
   that I’ve yearned, for so many years
2. A light that always shines, please come back to my loving arms
   I have come for… your love
  That is true… pure and beyond
   Will you know me… There’s so much to feel
3. I have a scorpion, crawling down my neck
   it’s trying to sting, but it cannot hurt
   ’cause there’s an antidote, running in my veins
   It is your love, that I can always trust
4. I don’t know where… else to turn to
   When I am home sick, far away
  A distant stranger, becoming a friend
   I have become, someone I once knew
5. Will you follow, will you see me
   Do you know us, there’s so much to learn
   I am here to stay, not giving any lessons
   still you’re the treasure, I almost gave away
       ” Can I give you, all that I have
         for what I am, and what’s left of me
         Can I give you, all that I have
         for what I am, and what’s left of me ”

PS. The original working title for this song was “A Seed of Hope” which referred to “Acid of Hope”. Because it’s interesting to note that the base for this song is originally an acid trance song I composed in 1998. That might explain some of the sounds and melodies appearing in the final build-up :). Also a certain 1980s/1990s nostalgia is present. I will release the trance version too later.

EDIT 6.1.2017:

kieli_suomiLyriikat suomeksi:

AVALKIS: Skorpioni                                          Laulu ja lyriikat © 201617 Jukka Eronen
1. Jos mä löydän, sinut vielä
    tässä elämässä, tai seuraavassa
    haluatko olla, valo elämäni
    jota kaivannut oon, kaikki vuodet nää
2. Valo joka, aina loistaa
    olen tullut, sitä hakemaan
    rakkauttasi vain, joka kestää
    haluatko tuntea minut, olen vielä elävä
3. Skorpioni, kulkee niskassain
   se aikoo pistää, mut’ satuttaa ei voi
    sillä vastalääke, on sydämessäin’
    se on rakkautesi vain, oi armain
4. En voi tietää, minne mennä
    kun eksynyt mä, kaukomailla oon
    Vieras astuu, ovesta sisään
    itseni mä tapaan, vuosien jälkeen taas
5. Seuraatko mua, haluatko nähdä
    meidät vielä, on paljon opittavaa
    Aion pysyä, luonas’ aina
    Olet aarre, jonka kerran, melkein kadotin
       “Voinko antaa, kaiken sen
       rakkauden, mitä jäljellä mus’ on
       Voinko antaa, kaiken sen
       rakkauden, mitä jäljellä mussa on”