Comic: Narcosis the Cat goes Sci-Fi – 2010


“Narcosis the Cat is 5 billion years old. She is already very old and tired…”

“Yet Narcosis the Cat always reincarnates again!”

A spoof on Kubrick‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) which is my all-time favorite film in addition to f.ex. Tarkovsky‘s Stalker (1979). I love the scene in 2001 with the light white room and the stargate preceding it. It really feels like entering a whole new another world and universe (more about this topic and flying here).

Apokryfia sketch book series 2009–


Here are my Apokryfia sketch books where this website and blog were originally inspired from and based on. This is where my artistic ideas often derive from.

These are the first 10 books (3.4.2009 – 26.12.2011) and I’m currently (September 2016) on the 13th book. There are currently over 1500 pages of sketches and illustrations.

The books are named after the Greek alphabet from Alpha to Omega. The vignette symbols make some kind of reference in the contents of each book. There is also a box carrying the first 12 issues.

Note: to the sharp-eyed viewers – yes, Delta and Gamma are mixed on purpose for the shot because I originally made a mistake with the side vignette. I.e. every other vignette is supposed to be an open outer line drawing and every other is fat and colored. (Plus Theta is mysteriously left blank.)

#6 Zeta is a metamorphing graphic novel from beginning to end, and it will be featured in the blog too. Here’s a small preview excerpt to get you excited… πŸ˜‰shop